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Default [PM][12th] Week 110: Gargantuan War Song

CHRONICLES OF THE SECOND SON two: through the fog of desolation 2258

I survived all the way here… I never thought I would have gone that far.

When I arrived to Hueco Mundo I immediately wanted to immediately go back. How on existence could a place like this exist? Desolation, pain, horror and death welcomed us.

I was so scared.

I still am.

When the violence finally reached our troops, after a brief, yet painful, silence, I honestly thought it would be the end. It would be my end. I had never seen so many Hollows charging in my direction at once. Their reiatsu, their growls, the rotten flesh hanging from their teeth reduced my faint courage into nothingness.

Hajime-nii would be so ashamed of the coward I became…

But what could I do? I had never been in a war…

It didn't take long for me to find myself under the enemy's direct attack. No one would save me and I would have to fight all alone.

I had no other option left...

The enemy charged.

I fought, indeed.

I didn't fight simply because I wanted to destroy my enemy; to show them my power and ascend to the glory my brother once had…


The truth was that I have always been too scared to die. I didn't even know how I got dragged into that conflict… What difference would it make if I was in here or not?

I kept fighting.

I was surprised with myself when I saw my enemies falling along the way. My morale ascended towards the nocturne vault. If my swordplay wasn't strong enough, my Kidou was able to keep me alive. I could really do that! Wow!

I also had my zanpakutou… But I was too afraid to lose control over it again… I was under too much pressure to have dominance over its power.

I played safe and luckily, I'm still here!

When I saw our battle field clear I firmly believed that soon it would be all over. It seemed that no minions were left to threaten our lives. Our leaders were fighting the enemy's generals, they had good chances of victory and soon we all would be going home.

How naïve I was.

I knew there was something wrong with this fog…

Why didn't I run?


This creature will destroy us all.



The creature's deafening growl awoke a visceral fear in the already trembling shinigami, who wasn't even able to move. Scared to death, Mamoru looked the colossal goliath moving though the tenebrous fog. It was going in their direction, moving slowly, like there was no rush of killing them, for they would be dead whether they ran or not.

"I…Yvette-san…" he muttered, trying to reach the ginger haired warrior's attention.

She too was a prisoner of her own terror.

That fog… That soul wrecking fog...

Cold and heavy.

By every pore of his skin, the bitter mist reached into the depths of his soul, intoxicating his heart with bitter desolation and extinguished his frail combative fire. Mamoru willed to surrender, for there was no chance of surviving that doom. He would die. All of them would die. If he fought, it would only hurt more.

Why did this have to happen when I started to have some hope…?




The Menos was getting closer. Under every step it slammed, the ground trembled violently. It was an absolute power show off, reducing the horrified Shinigami into nothingness. Mamoru felt like an ant; a defenseless and blind one. The fog was getting denser as the giant got closer. Mamoru was not able to see Yvette and Hayate anymore. The fog completely veiled his vision. All he could sense was their shrinking reiatsu; overwhelmed by that demonic fog's oppression.


"Yuzuriha!! Yuzuriha!!!"

"Hadou no sanjuusan, Soukatsui!!"

A pale blue light glowed through the mist and a distant crashing sound could be heard. Screams, cries and the sound of crashing bones… There were people suffering already. Their faction was being crushed by that gargantuan foe.


"Retreat! Pleaaase!!!! GAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!"


"Get away from the Menos!! He is eating th… GYAAAAAHSH!!"


Mamoru's mind was blind and shrunk. He did not dare to move. His fellow divisioners were dying, being eaten and crushed as they tried to run. Frozen by that unnamed fear, he listened to the veiled horrors that were happening beyond the cold veil. The grotesque sound of bodies being tore apart haunted his ears. The young man collapsed on his knees, muffling his cry with one hand; the other one still grasped his zanpakutou's hilt. Salty tears blistered his eyes.

Please not me… Please I don't want to die like this…Please… Onii-san…



Mamoru's already tear drowned eyes were settled on his defeated cold hands when he felt a faint warmth creep though his right hand. It came from the zanpakutou's hilt and it was already crawling along his right arm. Clueless, he wiped his tears and took a look over where that strange manifestation came from.

What is this…?

A golden glow scintillated over the white sand in a lazy pulsation. Instinctively - naively - he caught that strange object, which he was not recognizing at first, but soon he realized that it was the very charm he attached to his zanpakutou's hilt.

"The Moriyakumaru…?" he whispered, looking at the familiar ring with awe and suspicion. "Why is it glowing…?"

Silent, Mamoru kept examining the battered golden ring that glowed like a lamp. It never manifested anything special… It was only a superstitious charm…

I still remembered the day when Hajime-niisan gave me this. A protective charm he said. I always thought it would give me super powers, but in the end I had to accept it was just a cheap brass ring, probably bought in the market.


He smiled tenderly, alienating his mind from the doom that was marching in his direction. The warm feeling was coiling his body and mind, he didn’t wasn’t to be detached from it. It was a haven he just couldn't disavow.

Why am I feeling so much better?

The ring's pulsation was getting stronger and warmer. Its light was getting clearly stronger and seemed to configure an also pulsating circle around Mamoru.

He's still protecting me.

Somehow, the fog of desolation was rejected within the protective circle. Its creeping gloom was forced to stay away from the young warrior.


Be with me today.

With a deep sigh, Mamoru rose on his feet and, grasping his zanpakutou with confidence, he used the ring's protective influence to find his way towards Yvette's reiatsu.



"I said retreat!!"

"GYaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!! Heeelp…!"

"Nooo!! Lillia!!"

The screams of horror and pain from his comrades only fueled Mamoru's resolve, pulling his through the fog of desolation. That soul shrinking fear was long gone. If he had to die, he would die, but he would die doing something he would be proud of. He refused to be the coward who got destroyed while sobbing in a dark corner. Hajime-nii would accept no less.

If we are unable to fight it, we will be fast enough to retreat! But, if we decide to strike, we will do it with all our strength and wrath! We will make it suffer back! We won't give it a chance of looking down on us! We will show it what the Blitzkrieg Unit can do!!

Mamoru's legs were already running as his senses sniffed Yvette's reiatsu. It didn't take long to find her, who was standing in front of a small group of rookies. Hayate was there too. He was standing few steps ahead of the group, with a palm facing forward. His fingers moved slowly.

"…throw the pebble and it will bounce forever. Bakudou no gojuukyu, Kaiousei no Tate."

As Hayate's lips sealed, droplets of water swirled around him in a large radius, finally condensing in a massive liquid wall in front of them. The rookies stared at the Kidou wall with amazement, twittering about Hayate's prowess. The sound of swirling water was heard repeatedly.

Everyone gathered into small groups and cast water barriers in front of them. It's a good choice against an enemy that big.


The colossus kept moving and the ground quaked even harder. It was near. As Mamoru ran towards the group ahead, his face was fustigated by a heat mass. The dread fog around them dissipated and so did its gloom. Kaiousou no Tate used that fog's humidity to condense their own defensive barrier and wither its negative effect. Whoever had that idea should be praised for it. Still, Mamoru wondered if that would be enough.

We won't be able to hold our ground forever…

As Mamoru got nearer, all heads turned on his direction. They didn't hold the look for much longer, though. Hayate and his huge barrier were way more interesting. Everyone's face was pale and tired; almost zombie-like. Once so proud and confident, Yvette's visage was incredibly heavy and livid, like the many ages ran through her skin in the last gruesome minutes. Mamoru wouldn't dare to remark it, though.

"Yvette-san! Hayate-san!" he called while catching up to the group. "There is something weird with this fog!"

"We know," Yvette replied with an icicle tone, without even looking at him.

Her coldness was ego shrinking. His was small already. The warm confidence that moved him out of that cold gloom gradually faded away. Still, the negative effect of that wicked mist seemed to have vanished; at least enough to not make him cry down on his knees again.



Exasperated screams came from few yards ahead. A group was being attacked by the Menos Grande. The sound of explosive spells, incantations and sparse releases echoed through the battle field. It was impossible to see it clearly, but the gigantic silhouette thrust itself towards the Shinigami below. The soil trembled with the Menos' attacks and explosions.

"We should go help them! My sister's in there!!"
a blonde girl with two pigtails yelled, in panic, pulling Hayate's sleeve. "Hayate-san! Hayate-san!!" The black haired man seemed to ignore her horror pleading. His eyes seemed to gaze the battle in a way the other ones' couldn’t. Yvette whispered something to him and he nodded affirmatively.

"...yes," he whispered back, "this would probably do. I'll ask him."

Their eyes settled on Mamoru's uneasy ones. Hayate walked towards him and all eyes followed his steps. The young shinigami couldn't help the blush, for the overexposing wasn't his preferred situation…

"Y…yes…? Hayate-san…?" Mamoru stuttered, clumsily.

"Mitsurugi Mamoru-kun," the really eerie Hayate started calmly, standing before the short youngster with a rather intimidating stare. "I heard you have a fire zanpakutou and I will need your help…"


Screams and impacts flooded the air, muffling Hayate's words. That ice blooded man seemed to ignore the dangerous commotion that was raging near them. It was getting closer. Soon, the Menos Grande would be attacking them as well.

How does he know I have a fire based zanpakutou?

"M-My help? H-How?" Mamoru inquired, jerking his eyes around the scared faces looking towards him. He felt the pressure.

"I want to use the water barrier to protect our group and as I believe you know, Kaiousou no Tate increases the power of fire based attacks, especially when combined with fire empowering spells," he explained, grasping Mamoru's shoulder with a persuasive hand. "I also know that the nature of your release is highly fit to take down large opponents…"

"How do you know that?!" Mamoru asked abruptly, with clear aggravation, only to regret Hayate's frown.

"There were reports about a particular incident…" Hayate explained, narrowing his abyssal blue eyes. "So, we need your help to take down the Menos …"

Mamoru felt his gut between the barricade and the spear. He didn't rely a little bit on his zanpakutou; especially to such a dangerous thing. How could he face a Menos Grande with a power he just couldn't control?


The Hollow's roar. His comrades' dying screams. His brother's eyes in the back of his mind…

Oh boy…

"Okay," he finally muttered. "Tell me what I can do."

Hayate smirked broadly. From behind that sinister man, Mamoru could see Yvette's approving stare. She looked towards the battle's racket and unsheathed her sword again.
"Here it comes!" she gave the alert. "Everyone get ready!" The watery barrier undulated before them and, behind the rippling wall, Mamoru saw the gigantic frame of the Menos Grande approaching.

It's time… If it goes wrong, I tried.

Yar yar yar! What yer think yer doin' Mamoru-boy? Get som' pluck on yer soggy ass or imma roast ya and yer friends too!

Why are you always that unpleasant…?

B'cause ya suck! I bet yer brother sucked big time too! That's wha he died!

You know nothing about my brother, you goddamn monster!! So, SHUT THE HELL UP!

Yar yar yar!! That's the spirit, ma boy! Set me loose, ya?

The Menos hammered the water barrier with its humongous foot, making the liquid ripple violently, pushing the giant back.

"Rika! Sarah! Shinji! Prepare the spells and focus at the Menos' legs!" Hayate howled in command. "Mitsurugi! Release now! We will attack from behind the barrier!"

Mamoru's hands trembled and sweated while grasping his zanpakutou's auburn hilt. He looked down to it. The spirit's coarse laugh echoed in his mind. He still hesitated.

"Go, Mitsurugi!!"
Hayate howled.

Ya heard the boss…

Here goes nothing…

"Sing through the ember forest…"
he muttered, casting resolve over his hesitation. He sighed. "…Homuramushi!"

A blazing auburn aura engulfed the surroundings...
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