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Default [AH] Week 2 - Don't make me late

Elevator talk

Two hours were left before Emily touched down here in Tokyo. Hopefully her flight would have been uneventful. That left Charles with only two hours in which he was to deal with the business for the week he had opted to take off in lieu of his sister’s presence. There was so much to do here at the Initiative, new problems were lumped on his desk in a daily fashion; some were important, some less so, but all had to be dealt with after a fashion.

The most pressing were the reports of demonic activity that seemed to flood his office, there were always reports of new demons with new abilities and powers. Those were all filed and sent to his desk where he had to review them and decide upon a priority level for them. Thankfully truly dangerous demons were few and far between, but they did exist nonetheless. Some of them were simply too powerful to be engaged at this moment in time and were merely being monitored by his division; the rest of the demon profiles were sent directly to the other branches of the initiative who promptly dealt with them. Shifting through the reports he saw some on a rather unusual demon, apparently it was centaur-like and was possessed of unusual speed. How obviously annoying, the fast ones always were. There were also a few reports of demons that had been swiftly destroyed by the intelligence operatives themselves, smiling the captain-commander read those through carefully before consigning them to a specific area of his desk.

His desk had long since been carefully arranged to accommodate the various types of information that passed through it. He had a single inbox which housed all incoming information, then he had four outboxes: one for information to be passed to each division and one for information to be recorded and sent to the archives where it would be put on file and locked away. In the drawers there were the necessary tools of his trade: forging equipment, weapons and some very important documents.

A buzzing sound made him look up from his reading, it was the intercom.

“Sir, you asked me to tell you when you would need to leave for the airport.” came the slightly crackling sound from the machine.

“Thank you, I’ll leave right away.”

Picking up his katana, the ‘Black Rose’ as he fondly named her, Charles made his way out of his office leaving the documents on his desk. Before leaving he looked at it, taking care to note where everything was. There was really no point locking any of it away since none of it was particularly valuable. Furthermore a couple of the reports on his desk were false, made under his direction, in a bid to sniff out any snitches. There was most certainly a leak somewhere in this organisation and Charles had gone to great pains to find it but so far he had discovered very little. It was for this reason that he was having to resort to painfully simple tactics such as the dissemination of false information.

With a sigh he locked the door to his office and made his way to the elevators. He’d catch the middle one down to the basement and from there he would drive to the airport and pick up his sister. The real question is what they would do after the airport; there was always the possibility of going to one of the small bars he knew here in Tokyo, or they could just head back to his flat and catch up there. Sighing he pressed the button that would call his steel coffin and waited, watching the digital dial that indicated which floor the elevator was at. It seemed that someone had just used it to go see the Director General, the question was who. The Director General received so few visitors one couldn’t help but wonder when another went to see him.

The question was answered when the stainless steel doors opened and two men looked out at Charles. One was the Director General, the other the head of the support branch. Both were men and both looked at Charles with seemingly apathetic eyes. Quickly dissembling Charles returned their looks and entered the lift. He noticed that neither man got out despite the fact that none of the floor buttons were glowing. It seemed that they were here to talk to him in person. Pressing on the button for the basement Charles stood facing the doors.
As the digital dial ran down to the thirtieth floor the Director General pressed the emergency button halting the downward motion of the elevator. Silence reigned supreme for a moment, before Charles deigned to speak in a soft, dangerous, voice.

“I’m on my way to pick up my sister and I’d rather not be late.”

Silence followed the statement before the Director smiled and spoke softly.

“Have you found the leak?”

“No, not yet.”

“Why not?”

“They are hiding well.”

“We need to maintain integrity.”

“The leak is not leaking right now.”

“Could they know of this plan to flush them out?”

At this point the head of the support branch broke in abruptly: “It isn’t in my branch.”

“Are you sure?” whispered Charles. “I have found nothing in my division and I have tested almost every single member. I have cross-checked and referenced, I have made deliberate mistakes that haven’t been exploited in any fashion, I have left false clues, I have done everything that can be done and yet there is nothing so far.”

“That isn’t enough, obviously.” snarled the sweaty man, his face contorted into rage. “One of my squads is dead and we suspect that their mission was leaked to an enemy. We need to find this leak.” The man continued oblivious to the small shattering sound that marked Charles moving into his Awakened form. “I need to find out who did this.”

Unfortunately for the junior captain a small fleck of saliva flicked out of his raging mouth and touched Charles’ suit. It was a step too far.

“Are you making an accusation,” queried the young posh gentleman, his eyes now glowing.

“Yes, I think you are the leak.” shouted the more junior captain.

“Very well, let’s go to your office.” whispered the captain-commander opening a portal straight into the other captain’s office.


“You wish to discuss this matter and I am assuming you have evidence in your office. Surely it would be best if we discussed it there.”

“I have no evidence.” the words seemed to come out as an admission. The man began to deflate.

“Then do not accuse me.” The portal shifted and opened out at the parking garage, just beside a metallic purple sports car. Charles walked through and let the window snap shut behind him.

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