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Default [4th] Week 92: Trapped

The First Trial


I will…

Very well, if you are sure about this, then you may continue, a large rumbling noise sounded from the end of the corridor. Three large blocks shifted into the ceiling left three separate paths. The torches to either side of the door suddenly illuminated. One had a scarlet flame, one had an emerald flame and the final had a navy colored flame.

Welcome to your second test Akira. This is the test of realization. Each of these corridor leads to a corner of your mind. The corners of your mind harbor ill emotions. As time passes, these emotions grow until they are strong enough to overwhelm your mind and control you. If you fail to overcome these emotions, your mind will be broken by these and you will be trapped in this world, explained Ananta.

Why do these tests always have the risk of trapping me here? thought Akira, as he looked at each individual door. Which one am I supposed to go through first? He looked at the flames. The first one to catch his attention was the green colored flame. I guess this one is as good as any…

He walked through the dark door and wandered through the dim corridor. Suddenly the hallway expanded into a large room. Instead having stone walls, like the rest of the temple, the walls were large mirrors. Akira stared at the mirror and looked at his reflection. Suddenly, the mirrors shattered and the exit beside him disappeared. The walls turned black and trapped the teen inside the box.

Like a phantasm, a figure morphed in front of the Indian. It can’t be… what’s he doing here? thought the shocked Akira, as the ghost suddenly solidified.

“Greetings Mr. Shimizu, welcome to the first part of your test!” The phantom took from of the advent that the teen had met before, Ciro. However, it seemed like all the color had vanished from the eccentric man, and he was colored in grayscale.

“Ciro! What are you doing in here?!” exclaimed the teen, as he stared at the being in front of him.

“I am not the Ciro that you know Mr. Shimizu. I’m nothing more than a fragment of your memory, materialized here to be the proctor of your test. I am the fragment of your memory that symbolizes an emotion hidden within you… aggravation,” responded the memory.

The walls suddenly illuminated and an image suddenly appeared on the wall. That’s the day that I had to heal Niklas when he was getting attacked by kidou. The picture showed the flickered to the argument he had with the Tenth Division member, Hisao.

“This is but one example of how I influence you,” said the emotion, disguised as Ciro. “Your anger overwhelmed you that entire day. Even your duty to heal the man infuriated you. Can you fight this feeling within you?” asked the phantom.

“Of course I can, that was only one day,” said Akira defiantly.

The doppelganger walked up to the teen and whispered, “Can you?” The walls suddenly turned a deep red. The figure disappeared and a deep red mist filled the room. “Can you fight the emotion that surrounds you?”

Akira looked around the room frantically. It feels like all the air in here is slowly being sucked out and now this fog is overwhelming me! “I can still fight you,” gasped the teen.

“Are you sure? I control you,” whispered the voice through the fog, “Frustration leads to anger. Anger leads to violence. Violence leads to loss, and loss leads to pain. Pain then leads back to frustration. I control your life Mr. Shimizu. You have been trapped in my vicious cycle. You’ve been trapped in this cycle ever since you were born.”

Memories from his childhood suddenly flashed in Akira’s mind. Each overwhelmed the adolescent with visions of anger, hatred and loss. Stop… STOP! He gripped his head, trying to stop the visions. He knelt down on the ground and shook his head vigorously.

“Give in Mr. Shimizu… give into what haunts the corners of your mind,” said the ghostly voice. “Falter…”

“But…” The Indian paused, as a memory suddenly appeared in his mind. He remembered back to the day of his graduation from the shinigami academy. Visions of Miharu and his other classmates celebrating their graduation flashed into his brain. Wait… back then I wasn’t this angry all the time. That proves that I’m not trapped in the cycle he was talking about.

Akira smiled, as he started to think about the new revelation. He wasn’t trapped in the cycle of death and loss the phantom was talking about. The teen may have fallen prey to the pain that the ghost was talking about, but it certainly didn’t take over his life.

With newfound confidence, the adolescent opened his eyes and faced the mist around him. “You’re wrong. I might have gotten hurt by you, but that doesn’t mean that you control me. Now leave this from the corners my mind you reside in!” exclaimed Akira.

The first trial… has been passed, boomed Ananta.

The red mist in the room suddenly began to dissolve away and the black walls slowly began to dissolve away. The room reverted to its original state and the mirrors reappeared. Akira panted, as the air returned quickly back into the room. It seemed as if the air in the room had suddenly been purified. The healer breathed in deeply, enjoying the new found clarity in the air and his mind.

Akira turned around, as the door behind him opened up again. One down, two to go, thought the medic, as he walked slowly back into the main room. He looked at the door and noticed that the red flame in front of him had turned a bright white color, the same color as his reiatsu.

Akira, you have conquered the first emotion that lies in the corners of your mind. However, there are still two emotions that lie dormant, waiting for you. Choose your second door and conquer what is inside.

The shinigami faced the door with the emerald torch next to it. He walked in through it and followed the corridor but stopped as soon as he reached the end. The teen looked into the room shocked because of what was waiting for him on the other side.

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The Second Trial


It can’t be! thought the shocked teen, as he viewed what was waiting for him. Miharu?! Like the previously phantom, this one was also in a pale grayscale. Large bags hung under her eyes, and trails of what appeared to be tears

“Greetings, Akira,” said the phantom in a ghostly wail, “I am the second emotion that lies hidden in your mind. I am Loss.”

Akira this is your second trial. Like the previous one, you must defeat it or fall trying. Be warned, as you defeat emotions, the others can feed off the fallen one’s energy, increasing their own strength. You’ll find that this one will be much stronger than the previous, explained Ananta.

Great… you couldn’t have told me this earlier? thought the shinigami. He turned to face the doppelganger. “Alright Miha-, I mean Loss, what test do you have for me?”

The ghost snapped her fingers. Large mirrors erupted out of the ground and joined together to form a large maze-like structure. A large mirror erupted behind the Indian, blocking the exit. Loss quickly disappeared in a wisp of smoke. After a few moments, her voice echoed around the chamber, “To defeat me you must navigate through the maze and find me in the center.”

So, all I have to do is navigate through a maze? thought the surprised teen. He had expected the task to be much more difficult, after hearing the spirit’s warning. Alright… He walked into the entrance of the maze and looked at the reflections around him.

He had only walked forward a few feet, when he was stopped by a sudden dead end. Already? I just walked into this thing! suddenly the mirror in front of him shattered, revealing the same black wall he had seen in the room of the previous spirit. What now.

The room suddenly went dark, as a memory slowly flashed onto the wall. This is that night… pondered the shocked shinigami, as he saw the images flash on the wall. He saw the murderer, who had also gave him the scar on his hand, walk in and kill the young woman in the room, before turning his gaze on the man next to her. The assassin walked up to the husband before killing him in cold blood.

“Tell me Akira, can you handle watching those around you fall?” whispered the phantom, “Can you bear to see your comrades in arms die? If so, continue and face the horrors inside…” The mirror wall suddenly shattered, opening the path into the maze.

Akira shuddered for a moment, before getting up from his spot. He nervously walked into the maze and looked around. The teen turned right and cautiously began to wander in the maze. He squinted his eyes, as a figure appeared in front of him.

“Akira! Akira!” yelled the figure, as it approached him. The figure was the form of a small child, but like all the other spirits, it was in black and white. “Help me Akira! Help me.”

The Indian stepped back in shock. But… he died……. thought the medic, as he stared at the child in front of him. “How are you here?”

“Help me Akira!” repeated the small child. It was as if he could say nothing more than those few words.

Akira thought back to the last time he had seen the kid and realized that those were the last words that he had spoken.

“Akira! Help!” frantically asked the ghost.

Akira shuddered and slowly began to wander away from the phantom, trying to remove him from his mind.

“Akira… you won’t leave me again will you?” The child’s voice had changed suddenly and had been replaced by Loss’s voice. “You won’t leave me to die again will you?”

The Indian froze and turned around to face the child. The kid stood there innocently with tears running down his face, “You won’t let me die again…. Will you Akira?”

The death god stood there in horror, staring at the memory.A battle raged inside the shinigami. Either he continued on, watching the child die again, or return to help him, falling into The Emotion’s trap. What do I do? How am I supposed to fight something that I’ve already lost?

“Yes, Akira… Realize the truth. All things come to an end. We all inevitably die,” spoke the child in a dark voice. He walked towards the confused youth. “Come on, help me Akira…”

Akira stood there torn. Should he go back into what was obviously a trap or continue on and try to ignore the painful memory? The teen stood still as its pervious words echoed in his mind. All things come to an end? thought the conflicted adolescent.

He closed his eyes and frantically tried to think about flaws in the statement but only memories of patients and friends dying rushed to his mind. The adolescent quickly breathed out, trying to calm himself down to focus on the situation. This is just a ploy. The child behind me has been dead for eight years… and he is never going to be coming back, thought the macabre shinigami. He paused for a minute as the true reason for this test rushed into his mind. This test was devised to see if I’ve accepted the loss and moved on. That’s the reason why she’s forced these recollections into my head, to see if I’ve been consumed by them.

The Indian got up slowly and attempted to shut out the voice of the small child behind him. He silently walked forward and turned the corner leaving behind the memory in his wake. He navigated silently through the mirror maze. At each turn a new memory of loss would be projected on the wall. Akira ignored each one of them, proving that he had conquered the emotion that lived deep within him.

He turned the final corner and arrived in a large circular space. In the center stood the phantasm Loss. “It seems as if you’ve beaten the ghosts in your past Akira. By completing this task, you have proved that you’ve accepted your losses. By doing that, you have beaten me,” Loss began to slowly disappear in wisps of smoke.

“Wait? How come you didn’t attack me like Frustration did?” asked Akira.

“Frustration is a bitter emotion, while I am a somber one. Therefore I accept my failures and act accordingly… Farewell,” the doppelganger disappeared and the mirror maze around the teen shattered, revealing the exit on the other side of the room.

Akira stepped out of the room and as with the previous one; the torch next to the door turned a bright, white color. The Indian stared at the last remaining door.

You have passed the second trail. The emotion, Loss, has been purged from your mind. With that, proceed to the final trial. I warn you, the final emotion is the strongest one. It has absorbed the previous two into itself.

Now proceed to your final test…

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