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Default [3rd] Week 82: Rough First Day

Chapter 3: Rough First Day

Amanda stared at herself in the mirror, once again finding it difficult to believe she was wearing the black shihakushou as a shinigami of the Gotei 13. The American brushed her uniform down for about the seventh time, before attaching the scabbard, which contained her sword on her belt. Her new room within the female barracks of the Third Division wasn’t that tightly spaced which was a good thing. The room contained one wardrobe, which also held a couple shihakushous. A small window was to the right of it that looked over a small courtyard containing a couple of trees and a few benches. Amanda noted that members of her division were starting to appear in the courtyard, and she should probably get moving herself.

She quickly made her way from the barracks to one of the meeting rooms for unseated members of the division, to receive briefing for the day’s activities. It would be her first proper day on the job after receiving some basic induction and tours of the facilities housed in the division, and she hoped to make a good impression.

The magenta-haired beauty swiftly found the correct building from her memorization of the division's layout and moved into the main meeting room. The room consisted of six rows of chairs with each row containing six seats, which nearly filled up the entire room apart from a small podium at the front. Amanda strategically went for a seat in the middle of the lot, so that she didn't appear either overly keen or uninterested. The last thing she needed on her very first day was to make any enemies.

It only took a few minutes before the rest of the seats in the room were filled. Not long after a seated officer had taken the podium and was waiting for silence. He took a brief look into the audience, seeing what the newest class from the Academy had given the division. As usual, she didn't spot or sense anyone particularly interesting.

"Ok, welcome to the Third Division. I am not here to molly-coddle a bunch of crybabies. In short, you read your group, your assignment and guess what? Go and do it. If anyone has any questions, please save them for later. Now have a nice day." Without any other words or even introductions as to whom the officer was, the newest Blitzkrieg member walked briskly towards the front door and left. Everyone remained awkwardly silent, not moving for a good few seconds after she left. It was not the best of starts to the job as a shinigami.

As the occasional shuffle became noticeable, people within the room slowly began to move after a rather awkward lack of introduction by their officer. Amanda felt rather put off by that, though she isn’t a sociable person in her own right. The rookie viewed his behavior as just plain discourteous. Shaking her head disapprovingly, the young woman slowly rose from her chair and proceeded to move to the end of the row, forcing herself past the bodies of shinigami still paralyzed from fear.

Sunlight poured though the windows in the dojo of the Third Division. As the light made its way across the floor, Amanda continued working through the many forms with her zanpakutou. She fluidly moved from one form to the next, gradually gaining speed. The young woman had long removed her kosode and shitagi. Sweat now poured from her body as she continued to train in solitude. The American Blitzkrieg member had been at the training grounds for most of the day after the brief meeting.

The training regimen included practice with her sword along with meditating while holding it to work through all of her forms. When Amanda had finished with her work out, behind her was a smooth, beautiful voice that broke the silence.

“Nice form,” the mysterious voice said.

The young American turned to face the person that had spoke to her and saw a sweet female Shinigami with lush red hair sitting next to the door.

“How long have you been there?” Amanda asked the person as she continued to look on with her purple eyes.

“Long enough to study your style, but not long enough for you to notice, so are you the new recruit from the Academy?” she asked as she stood up.

“Yeah, that would be me,” Amanda replied as she sheathed her zanpakutou back in its safe place, “Why do you want to know?”

“Not much really. I heard rumors from some that you were among the best in your class when it came to skills with a zanpakutou, and I just wanted to know if there was any truth to the rumors. I had also heard that you were some kind of heart breaker with the guys,” the female Shinigami responded, staring down with her blue eyes.

“Why does it matter if I’m a heart breaker? Looks and appearances do not matter in a fight. All that matters is who wins. And when it comes to Hollows, all that will matter is how fast we can kill them. Therefore, looks have no importance to me. All that matters is this,” the Blitzkrieg rookie said eloquently, placing the right hand on her zanpakutou.

“I see that you got some spunk as well. So, do you want to test your skills with that which matters most?” The female Shinigami asked as she rose from where she was sitting.

Amanda looked the girl across from her and sized her up, trying to decide if it would be worth it to accept her challenge. The redhead wasn’t much taller than she was, also did not appear to be that much stronger. 'The challenge should be interesting,' Amanda thought.

“Sure, why not? I have not seen the person I mainly trained with since graduating from the Academy. I’ve been itching for a fight for some time anyway,” Amanda replied.

“Great!” the female Shinigami exclaimed, “I haven’t fought a rookie for some time.”

The female Shinigami then walked over to where the practice wooden swords were and grabbed a couple of them from the rack. She tossed one over to Amanda, who caught it with her right hand where the hilt would be. She swung it a couple of times, testing its weight, then went and set her zanpakutou in the corner and turned to face her opponent.

The adorable girl stood in the center of the room, holding her bokken in her left hand. However, she held it a way that Amanda had not seen. She was griping it like one would grip a knife, with the blade coming from the bottom of her hand.

'This should be interesting,' Amanda thought as she walked to face her.

“Oh, I almost forgot. I haven’t introduced myself. I am Megumi Koizumi,” she said, “I don’t like who I’m fighting not to know who I am. Just so I know, what is your name?”

The magenta-haired rookie eyed her curiously and responded, “I’m Amanda Taylor.” She gave Megumi a low, polite bow before slowly popping back up to vertical base.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Taylor-san. Are you ready for this?” Megumi asked her opponent.

Taking a defensive stance with her practice sword in both hands, Amanda answered saying, “Let’s do this and have some fun.”

Megumi, who still holding her sword in an awkward fashion, smiled and took a stance that looked more like a hakuda stance. She held the sword out in front and kept her right hand near her face in a fist. Amanda quickly noted this in her head and waited for her to attack. Megumi slowly moved to her left, trying to circle around the American. Amanda moved swiftly to keep herself in front of the girl, but then the attack came.

Megumi charged in so fast that Amanda barely had time to react. She slashed at purple-eyed woman with such amazing speed that the only thing the challenger could do is jump back to keep herself from being hit. Unfortunately, this took smaller shinigami out of range for a counter attack and now had her back exposed. Kasumi flipped the wooden sword around her hand and gripped it in both hands up near her face with the tip of the blade pointed at the fellow Blitzkrieg. She then charged at again, slashing at the reserve woman in a downward motion, which the American barely parried the attack. Japanese redhead brought the sword around in a horizontal attack, forcing Amanda to jump back out of range again.

'Damn! This girl is FAST!' The unseated member thought, 'The only way I’ll be able to fight this girl is if I go on the offensive.'

Amanda quickly evaluated Megumi’s stance was in and noted that it was still an offensive stance, and before she could attack, Megumi charged at her and launched a series of ferocious attacks, knocking magenta-haired girl off balance as she parried the attacks. The aloof shinigami quickly tried to regain her balance the attacks continued, but was unable to. Eventually, such actions caused the mild-mannered woman to trip over her feet and fall down onto the floor.

Megumi took advantage of Amanda being in a prone position and started to stab down at her. The gaijin swiftly knocked the attack away and promptly rolled away and launched herself back on her feet. Megumi launched another series attack when the spirited rookie decided to evade than rather block the attack. When the Japanese shinigami finished with her attacks, the Caucasian female immediately charged in and launched her own series of attacks.

Amanda used her most powerful thrusting attacks, trying to knock her off balance. However, Megumi easily parried her attacks. When the attacks were finished, she immediately jumped back out of redhead’s attack range.

“You’re strong for a rookie,” Megumi said, “You’re quick to adapt and prompt when attacking. You want to continue?”

“Of course I do, Megumi-chan. I’m just warming up,” Amanda replied with a slight smile on her face.

“Hmm. Still think you can win, even after I’ve knocked you on your little tush. I like that,” Megumi responded, “You got spunk. I’ll give you credit for that, but confidence can only get you so far. Let’s see how far it can get you.”

Megumi then changed her stance again, bringing her sword around behind her, pointing towards the ground. She then charged at Amanda, and just before she was in range to attack, she leaped up and over the girl, spinning around in the air and landing behind the fair-skinned opponent. The purple-eyed Blitzkrieg shinigami quickly dove forward, somersaulting on the ground, returning to her feet. As she turned to face Megumi, she saw that female was charging once again. Not wanting to give her the opportunity to attack from behind, the magenta-haired girl quickly charged in as well, holding the sword behind her with the right hand. Megumi swung at Amanda with a horizontal attack, which was easily parried.

Using the momentum of her arm, she brought her right hand around her head and slashed in a downward attack at Megumi. She quickly brought her bokken up and blocked the attack, then brought the weapon around in another horizontal attack, which was barely avoided by dropping down to a knee.

Amanda then stabbed upward at Japanese girl, who jumped back to avoid the oncoming attack, then instantly launched herself up in an attack. She swung her wooden sword in a horizontal strike, but Megumi dropped down to a knee and quickly jumped in the air, somersaulting over Amanda’s head.

The purple-eyed girl knew she was in the wrong stance to propel herself forward, and that she wasn’t able to turn around in time, she watched the woman as she flew over her head. When she tried to attack after landing back on the ground, Amanda thrust her wooden sword over her shoulder behind her back to block the attack.

The rookie Blitzkrieg then spun around, only to notice that instead of attacking the sword, Megumi came around with a roundhouse kick, which landed in the center of the American’s chest, knocking her backwards. The blue-eyed shinigami instantly thrust her sword at Amanda, landing a blow over her heart.

“Bang! You’re dead,” Megumi said, “You did good Taylor-san. You have great intuition. I can see why you were among the best, but that was in the Academy. Like I said before, confidence can only get you so far.”

Rubbing the spot where the Japanese girl’s final attack landed and breathing heavily, Amanda replied in a monotone voice between breaths, “You got lucky, Koizumi-san. ”

“Lucky blow my ass!” the experienced swordswoman exclaimed, interrupting Amanda, pointing the bokken at her. “You weren’t expecting that kick and I took advantage of the opening. If we had been fighting for real, I would have pierced your heart and you’d be dead before I pulled it out.” Megumi walked around toward the petite female until she was a few inches from her, “Listen, you’re good. Not all rookies I’ve fought lasted as long as you did. However, don’t let your skill go to your head, or else you’re going to find yourself laid up in the hospital at the Fourth Division or dead. Got it?”

“Yeah, yeah. Don’t overestimate my skill,” Amanda replied though feeling a bit stubborn. “I think I know the limitations of my own skill, but thanks for the reminder.”

The blue-eyed shinigami sighed heavily and looked down at her feet. “Whatever. Just be careful, okay.” Megumi exclaimed rather brightly as she nodded at the magenta-haired woman, adding a slight half bow in the process. Normally she would have probably run up and hug the person she was leaving, but she had been controlling herself more these days. The Japanese shinigami swung around to make her exit from the dojo.

Amanda gave the redhead a bow in return as the blue-eyed shinigami made her leave to attend to other matters. When the door closed, the American was left alone once more to the peacefulness of the dojo. The spar was somewhat interesting. At least she didn’t had to suffer any injuries.

She looked up to the ceiling, letting out a content sigh from her sweet lips. "That was an odd spar to say the least," she spoke aloud as the words trailed off. She had nothing else planned for the rest of day unless the superior officers give her an assignment. Until then, it was time to return to the girl’s barracks and mingle with other Blitzkrieg members.

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