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Default [AH] Week 99: Late night thoughts

The conversation they’d been having had meandered down to nothing. It had been quiet now for a few minutes. The day had worn on and evening had crept up when she hadn’t been paying attention. Now that Cecilia and her father were sitting at the table the long day was slowly starting to register in her body. It hadn’t been a particularly physical day for either one of them. The fact that most of the day had been spent sitting down in transit didn’t seem to really matter to her body. For some reason the act of flying for so long had tired her out more than Cecelia had expected.

Perhaps, she thought as she leaned back in her chair. It’s because I didn’t do anything at all. My body was just sitting there waiting to do something. Can you tire yourself out waiting to do something?

While Cecilia thought over such things Mr. Hoshi, the representative of Global Network System’s Tokyo branch, glanced down at his watch.

“Mr. Lawrence, I must say that it is getting late and you and your daughter are probably very tired from your long journey. If there is nothing else I will leave you two to retire for the evening.”

Henry paused before responding back, “No Mr. Hoshi, I believe you are correct. I’m sure I’m carrying the same tired look my daughter is right now. You have been an excellent help to us tonight and I appreciate everything you’ve done. I know you told me earlier that the movers had already unloaded everything. We will continue unpacking tomorrow.”

As her father walked Mr. Hoshi out to the porch Cecilia took a moment and gathered up the things on the table. When she heard her father coming back to the kitchen he found that she’d already put the glasses in the washer. She gave a small whistle and her seeing eye dog came over to her. Holding onto his harness she looked towards her father.

“So, it’s a bit late to see the garden I suppose?” It wasn’t so much a question as statement of fact. “I think you said you were as tired as I looked?”

“Yeah, I guess it is.” He came over to her right side and placed his arm over her shoulders. “There will be plenty of time to explore it tomorrow. Not to mention we have the rest of the house to unpack tomorrow. Perhaps we should both retire.”

“That sounds like a good idea. Would you walk me to my room father?”

“It would be my pleasure Cecilia.”

His arm moved off of her shoulder and formed a little crook for her to put hers around. Together they walked out of the kitchen and went strait. They moved down a hall until they came to a T. Turning right they walked to the end where Henry opened the door. As soon as he did Cecilia was greeted by a floral scent that washed out over her. As she entered her room she felt the wind gently push against her face. In its embrace she smelled again the same scents she’d noted when they arrived. It became obvious to her now that in the back of their house, probably right outside her open window, that there was a garden. She let go of her father and her dog and walked cautiously over to the open window, breathing in deeply trying to gather all the different scents together.

“That’s our back yard isn’t it?”

“Yes it is. I made sure the garden was taken care of before we got here. I wanted you to have something memorable,” he said as his words just wondered off left unfinished.

“Dad”, her voice came up almost in a complaint like tone. She wanted to chide him about over thinking things, about worrying too much. But she was tired enough that she decided to let this one pass. Instead she walked back over to him and hugged him again.

Again she felt around her room letting herself discover everything inside. Her bed was just to the right of the door when she came in hugging up against the wall in one corner. To the left of it she found a nightstand and bookshelf. Following the wall counterclockwise she found her desk. Unlike her bed which was new this was her desk from home. It had been one of the things they had shipped ahead of themselves. It had its spot to sit on the left and the right side was broken up into different drawers where she kept all her things. She traced the surface with her finger finding all of the familiar dents and nicks plus a few new ones in its lustrous wood cover. Again she felt a rush of familiarity that made her smile. She continued her way around the room finding one of her dressers next to a small walk in closet. Also underneath the open window was a small couch that allowed her to sit next to the open window.

“What color is the room?” she asked suddenly.

“It’s a light blue that runs all the way up from the walls and on the ceiling. It’s almost like you are standing on a on a hill surrounded by the open sky.”

“It sounds lovely.”

After she was content with the layout of the room Henry excused himself so that she could change and get ready. He walked down the hall going the other way in the T juncture as his room was at the other end of the hall way. As he walked he passed by Cecilia’s bathroom and his study.

While he was doing that Cecilia had managed to locate a pair of her pajamas from the dresser drawers. She made sure to unhook her dog’s harness and that he was comfortable in the room. She gathered her sleepwear and left the room headed for the bathroom. Inside she easily found what she needed to take a quick shower. It seems her father had made sure to put things in easily recognizable places. As the water warmed up she disrobed and placed her things in a hamper basket. It felt good to let the warm water run down her skin. Between the gentle massage of the water and the relaxing scents of her wash she found herself more tranquil. It was actually with a bit of a regret that she turned off the water and stepped out. She reached for where she’d found the fluffy town before and gently whipped herself dry. She dressed herself and quickly brushed her hair as well as teeth. Refreshed she stepped back out into the hallway.

In the silent house she heard a rustling that told her where her father was. The sounds were coming from down the hall on her right which she remembered he’d told her was his room. She walked down to the door that she heard him behind and gently knocked.

“Come in Cecilia,” he answered.

Opening the door she poked he head in. “I’m heading to bed now Dad. I just wanted to wish you a good night.”

“Okay sweetheart, you have a good night sleep now.” He walked over to her and gave her a long hug. She felt that he’d also changed into a pair of pajamas. “Are you sure you’re going to be okay? I don’t mean to sound too fatherly but?”

“I’ll be fine, thanks for your concern.” She stood up on tip toe and gave him a small kiss on his cheek.

He watched her as she walked back down the hallway trailing her left hand along the wall following it back to her room.

Inside she shut the door and found her dog already asleep on her bed. As she crawled in she felt him stir awake and came over to say hello. She gave him a few scratches behind his ear till he was content and walked back to the end of the bed. She sat there listening to the whisper of the wind threw the open window.

This is my new home now, she thought. It wasn’t what she was used to, but it had familiar things that made her content. She hadn’t yet admitted it to her father, but there was a bit of thrill to the whole new life. Perhaps it was just something about this new country but she felt as if there was something fresh about her that she was discovering about herself.

I'm know this is a bit dry, it's been a long week for me. However I'd like to say that I'm finally done setting up Cecilia as a character and would enjoy to start doing some cloaborations with people. If interested let me know.When I get back from this weekend I'll start looking for some people. Take care and have a great weekend everyone. [/SPOILER]
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