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Thread: Ch -97/316 (?) - Let's stop the pendulum [summary]

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    Default Ch -97/316 (?) - Let's stop the pendulum [summary]

    Posted by spacecat at BA:

    Let's stop the pendulum.

    A night has passed. Urahara wakes up to see Shinji who's face is covered by his mask. Shinji is not moving.

    Urahara apologises to Tessai for failing to cure them. Urahara goes outside for some fresh air but is met by the central 46 law enforcement. They are there to arrest him.

    He is summoned for interrogation and asked where he was last night. He is asked if he was experimenting on hollowification.

    Central 46 suspects that Urahara while in the forrest attempted to use 8 vice captain/captain level shinigami in an evil hollowification experiment. (Perhaps they were told this by Aizen).

    Urahara tells them that it was Aizen who did it and that he was simply trying to help them. However Aizen has 124 general shinigami and 1 captain confirm that he wasn't at the scene the night before.

    Also, during the investigation there was a report claiming the discovery of hollowification research going on at the 12th division.

    Also, Tessai has been sentenced to serve in the third underground prison for using a forbidden technique.

    For doing taboo research and experimenting on his fellow shinigami resulting in them being heavily injured, Urahara is sentenced to exile in the living world for eternity after having his powers taken from him.

    They then announce that the shinigami who are victims of this experiment will be strictly disposed of as hollows.

    When Urahara is about to object Yoruichi who has her face covered by a cloth kidnaps both of them and takes them away to the hiding place near sougyoku.

    Yoruichi has already transported the 8 shinigami (vizards) and the new gigai that has been being developed.

    After listening to Shinji for a while Urahara decides they are in the worst situation possible and thinks of the best way to deal with it.
    Urahara asks Tessai to use Jikantenshi one more time to create a barrier, he will then create 10 gigai for himself, Tessai, Shinji and the rest within 20 hours. Urahara vows to hide himself and spend his time finding a way to get rid of the hollowification.

    The scene changes to Shinji and co in the current day.

    In the same warehouse, Shinji says that Urahara said there has been no miscalculation and that is the first miscalculation.
    He says that everything has come to the worst possible scenario as expected.

    Shinji "For real, I am indebted to Urahara.... and then Aizen also."

    It finishes with someone saying "let's go" and then the Vizards leave the warehouse.

    The rain drags Black Sun down,
    but the rain dried by White Moon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Syn View Post
    Shinji "For real, I am indebted to Urahara.... and then Aizen also."
    what does this means?

    1) he's cursing Urahara for not curing them, and also Aizen for making them appear this way.


    2) he truly thanks Urahara. And for Aizen, Shinji's debt to him would be a hell of a beating....

    which one is more probable? I'm confused...

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    Wow.... this looks like it's gonna be a doozy to say the least.
    And this arc seems to finally be done....
    Looking forward to this one with excitement!

    Sig by Yumi

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    Well, not like we didn't see this coming after last chapter.

    But, yeah, the arc's done.

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    Reading that sent a chill down my spine. Can't wait to see the actual chapter, and the chapters that are to come.

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    You reap what you saw, Aizen!
    Can't wait to read it.

    My predictions: Some of the captains will need back up against the Espada, since not all of them are monsters like Ukitake or Yamamoto. That's where the vizards take over. But I don't think there will be any deaths...maybe some of the liutenants...

    But I don't know who will dispose of Tousen...Komamura or Kensei....

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    Quote Originally Posted by petrol101 View Post
    But I don't know who will dispose of Tousen...Komamura or Kensei....
    It should be both. 8D

    But I'm still kind of rooting for Aizen here. I'm thinking when the vizards show up, the Soul Society force dispatched there will already be vanquished.

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    Hmm, that last line by Shinji is making me wonder what's going to exactly happen. I wonder if there is more to this than meets the eyes.

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    I think he does mean indebted with Urahara for helping them. Even if he didn't cure them completely he helped them, and saved there lives from being killed as hollows by helping them escape to the real world. I really think that the comment that Shinji made about being indebted to Aizen just continues on what i was thinking. Aizen is Shinji's fight. He will be the one not Ichigo or old man yama, its shinji's fight. And in light of what has happened and what they know now about Aizen, i would be inclined that old man Yama would grant him that fight.

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    A fight between Shinji and Aizen would be really cool. ^_^

    This is really exciting.

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