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Default [3rd/1st] Week 80: "No More Words"

King Zeal: Takebachi Soramaru
Nine: Broken_and_Beautiful

Word Count: 1807

He was going to kill her. His mind was slowly becoming more attuned the idea; for the first time in his long existence, Takebachi Soramaru was giving serious consideration to the idea of taking the life of another human being . . . and the sad fact about it was that he was going to thoroughly enjoy the entire act. It seemed to be the only means that he could free himself from the irritating leash that the little nuisance kept around his throat. Even now, he could feel it garroting him, leeching every drop of joy that he still held in reserve.

He had to rid himself of Nine. He hammered the thought down into his mind one more time. He had to do it, if he was going to keep his sanity.

Although she’d run off hours ago, her reiatsu seemed thankfully close. Through the weald of stone and steel, he continued his search, trying his hardest to follow the vague trail of reiatsu that lingered in the air. Unfortunately, a lack of tracking experience, coupled with the viscous clouds of reiatsu that poured forth from his own body, compounded his efforts. Cold brick and steel greeted him everywhere that he went, and the lack of sunlight only made things even more difficult.

“Oh duh!” Take grunted with a slap of his forehead. “How could I be so stupid . . . ? Bakudou #5, Blue Eye!”

The dark surroundings quickly became filtered by a blue hue, making visibility even more difficult than it already was. Takebachi was unconcerned with that, however, as his enhanced vision quickly located his long sought-after quarry. A luminous blue figure appeared far into the background, finally granting the colossal moth with a flame to flock to.

A hasty shunpo took him in the direction he needed, but it that was an action which Takebachi had clearly not put more than a modicum of thought into. A few steps later, and the oaf crashed into several hundred pounds of steel and machinery, his large supernatural frame twisting and crumpling through it like a pebble through a castle of cards.

But it all worked out in the end. Even as Takebachi’s tumble came to a halt, it deposited him right where he’d sought to be anyway. His head barely poking out from the pile of twisted metal and technology, Take opened his eyes to find Nine sitting less than a yard away.

“It’s about damn time,” he stated anxiously. “So, are you done playing around yet? I’d like to get back to Seireitei pretty soon.”

Nine’s eyes rolled slowly up to where Take had appeared. A spark of recognition ignited in her azure orbs, but her chin didn’t leave its comfortable cradle between her knees. Hugging her folded legs a bit closer to her chest, she stared complacently up at the man.
When had it gotten dark? She’d been so lost in thought that she’d failed to notice. Maybe she’d fallen asleep? She couldn’t be quite sure.

Coiled up in such a way, the little monster looked quite docile. The thin haze of distant thought that still painted her eyes gave her an air of peace. Tipping her head an inch to the side, Nines smooth cheek rested against a bony, roughly scabbed knee. Her opposite shin was so dark with bruise from her earlier collision that it nearly matched the black skirt that had inched up her pale thighs.

You certainly are loud, she commented softly. How could I have thought you’d left without me? You can’t go anywhere quietly, can you? The ghost of a smile moved across her eyes.

The massive back of Takebachi Soramaru heaved once, lifting the massive load of steel from his dense body. Like a trained pachyderm, he rose upon all fours even with such an overwhelming burden on his back. Once he’d finally freed enough space, the blueblooded show-off rolled out of the way and popped to his feet in front of his green-haired quarry.

“We’ll . . . uh . . . we’ll just have to admit that from our report when we get back to the Ninth,” he stated whilst avoiding eye contact. He waited until the Blue Eye spell had finally begun to rescind before he spoke once more. In any case, I think I’m way past ready to get the hell out of here. So, if you’re done getting your beauty sle—“

His string of thought halted once he got a good look at the small girl’s face. With the spell ended, his vision was quickly adapting once more to the scarcity of light. He studied her face intently, and found himself disturbed by the look he found upon it. Although she had briefly flashed a smile, it was merely a shallow front. As he gazed deeper, he found something that he’d never expected . . . not from her.

“You’ve been . . . crying?”

His head automatically began to shake once the thought had cleared his lips. “No, no . . . it’s just a trick.” His concern once again regressed into a deep scowl. “You’re just fucking with me again, aren’t you?”

Nine lowered her head, eyes shrouding in darkness. Crying…? What’s that?

“Of course I wasn’t!” she replied a bit too loudly, wanting to cut off his words. “Why would I be doing something like that?” She sneered. “I especially wouldn’t do it over……”


Her eyes narrowed at the ground, amending her words. “I especially wouldn’t do it here.”

The floor was cold, and she was quite certain that her backside had flattened to the concrete. Her back was even beginning to ache from being pressed so long to the wall’s uneven brickwork.

Though the girl was unable to see her actions for what they were (utterly and completely childish), she still found herself pondering why she had bothered to stay away so long. She’d certainly kept Take waiting. They could have been home by now.

Though she still couldn’t figure out why, Nine realized that she felt bad about… something. She couldn’t put her finger on it. She imagined that it had something to do with that tiny voice in her head, though. Not her friend’s voice. It was something softer, hardly audible over her own thoughts. Maybe the whisper had something to do with him…

Wincing as she shifted her lifeless body into motion, Nine held out a silent hand to the huge man that overshadowed her. Takebachi hesitated. In that endless, terrible moment, the uncertain little monster felt ice coat her nerves, and a hit of anxiety settled in the pit of her stomach. What if he didn’t…

The shinigami’s large palm touched to hers, calming Twenty-Nine’s disquiet as his long fingers wrapping around her delicate hand. The remaining shards of glass from the beaker dug deeper, but the girl bit her lip without protest. Takebachi lifted the small female to her feet, hand tight around hers.

Once she was stable, Nine couldn’t help but hold on just a moment longer. The unearthly spirit within her hissed, and her small hand hesitantly disengaged from his, her eyes shifting guiltily away.

Takebachi studied the eyes of this woman whom he both loathed, and somehow adored, at the same time. If the total time that comprised a shinigami’s lifespan were inside an hourglass, a single grain would represent all of the time that he’d known her. And yet, the noble was hard-pressed to consider anyone else who had evoked such polarized emotions from him during the course of his long life.

The oceanic hue of her eyes reflected from his own shade of dark brown. Slowly, the aloof joviality which usually summed up Takebachi’s personality melted away, leaving a purely naked sincerity. With a deep sigh, he resolved to grant her one last chance . . . just one final attempt to make peace.

“What . . .do you want from me?” The sentence emerged from his lips as more of a plea than a question.
A great uncertainty stirred deep within Nine. While she slowly brushed herself off, the small creature pondered his question.

He’s little more than a worthwhile test subject.There was disgust in the voice. For some reason, you wouldn’t just cut him off when he got to be more trouble than he was worth.

Nine had other subjects before she’d met Takebachi, and she had no doubt that she would meet others, if he chose to step out of her life. What an ominous feeling, though, growing in the depths of her soul. She’d never had a problem before, reminding people of their place, of her own superiority. If that was ever questioned, with just as little difficulty, she would torment them. Or, sometimes worse, she would simply desert them. But with Takebachi…

He’s made you weak.The creature’s lamentation was spiteful, dangerous. Tell him. Tell him that you don’t even need him.

His words repeated in her head. What did she want from him…? The tone in his voice made the hollow in the girl’s chest ache. Turning her face up to him, her eyes adjusted to his strong face through the darkness.

“I… I don’t know…”

Lord help him, he believed her. For the first time since they’d met, Takebachi had faith that what the girl named “Twenty-Nine” had just told him was the truth. The simultaneous glance of confusion and frustration in her eyes . . . . The uncomfortable, yet arrogant way that she stood . . . . The hesitation she displayed before speaking . . . .

As though he’d found a single intelligible word within a manuscript of foreign tongue, Takebachi’s were alight with epiphany. Although it seemed impossible, Take knew that he finally understood her. For all the ways in which they mutually foiled one-another, Takebachi and Twenty-Nine were almost the same. He knew this now, and he finally comprehended the reason why everything about their relationship had failed up to now. There was just one thing that needed to be done . . . just one thing that would finally mend the fissure between them . . .

Like a ravenous panther, Takebachi stalked closer to the green-haired petite, scooping his arms underneath hers and quickly pushing and lifting her small frame until he slammed firmly against a wall of brick behind her. His head quickly cocked, and his mouth was urgently pressed onto her ruby lips. Take’s hands stay locked on the small woman’s hips, holding them still while he gave in to this burning need.

He offered no words or explanations for his actions, for he finally understood. The two of them were beasts . . . built from the same raw passion. What good were words to creatures like them, when action spoke much better?
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